How to Optimize Dubai Web Design for Multilingual Audiences


When you think about making your business dynamic in a bustling city like Dubai, you need a design that resonates with all kinds of audiences. Since Dubai is all about diversity, you must know that your target audience isn’t just English-speaking or Arabic-speaking people; they come from all kinds of backgrounds. So, to reach out and make an impact, you need to talk in their language. 

However, the question is how to optimize your website for a multilingual audience. Yes, you need a website design company in Dubai that understands business needs. Moreover, you also need to know how to ensure your website is optimized. 

In this article, we will talk about the ways you can use to optimize the design and attract a wide audience. 

Tips to Optimize Your Dubai Web Design for Multilingual Customers 

Before you consider an agency the web designing company in Dubai, you must set certain criteria. Remember that multilingual design shows your seriousness towards globalization and inclusiveness in your company, so it’s a path of winners. 

However, to do it, you need to understand what you need to know about designing a website for a multilingual audience.


  • Use Global Templates for Consistent Branding

Not only can global templates enhance user experience, but they also simplify updates.

All updates and language versions of your brand are compatible with your design elements and concepts.

Just take an example: when any potential customer lands on your multilingual website, they need to recognize the brand instantly, and that should be regardless of the language. 

When an English-speaking client who is living in Dubai visits the Arabic-language website, they’ll need to be able to immediately identify that they have come to the correct place and find the English-language version with ease.

Consistent branding ensures that every customer instantly identifies your site.

Layout, brand concepts, web design components, and so on should be consistent throughout all language versions of your site, whether accessible in Arabic (right-to-left) or English (left-to-right). 

  • Language Switch Should be Accessible

Your language-switching drop-down should be prominently displayed on your homepage and every other page of your website. Multilingual websites typically contain a language changer in the header or footer of the page.

Whatever choice you choose for your multilingual website, make it easy to locate.

Additionally, ensure that your language-switching options are clear. It is preferable to refer to a new language in its original tongue. For instance, substitute “Deutsch” for “German” and “日本語” for “Japanese.” 

  • Ensuring Cultural Appropriateness in Design

When designing a multilingual website, your web design agency in Dubai needs to go beyond merely translating the text. Cultural appropriateness must also be considered in design aspects. This entails carefully selecting colors, pictures, and symbols that will not have unintended or offensive implications in other cultures.

Text alignment and layout may need to be adjusted for languages that read from right to left or top to bottom. When selecting fonts, consider legibility in different languages and scripts. To establish a courteous and inclusive website, native speakers or cultural advisors should be involved in the design process. 

  • Translate Everything

Make sure that your web designers in Abu Dhabi or Dubai leave no text on the website that has not been translated. This contains pop-up notifications such as cookies, error pages, meta tags, and privacy policies. 

If possible, give customer service in the same language as the website. If the company does not have workers who speak the original language, consider outsourcing the service or providing support through self-help tools and FAQs. 


Best Practices for Multilingual Websites

Remember that the impact of responsive design in any country is huge and of utmost importance for a business. So, when you want responsive, multilingual, and Mobile-friendly websites, you must also adhere to the best web design practices.

  • Always use human translators, too: Yes, we have many automated tools to help, but human translators also bring accuracy and cultural impact.
  • Choose URL structure wisely: it should reflect the language. For example, use “/en/” for English and “/ar/” for Arabic.
  • Use Hreflang Tags: Use them to identify a page’s language variations. This allows search engines to understand the relationship between different language versions better.
  • Always Test Responsiveness: Make sure your website doesn’t just look good but functions well and across all kinds of devices.

Bottom line 

As you now understand the best web design Dubai practices for multilingual websites, you must know how to recognize a website design company in Dubai that meets your needs. 

To make it easy for you, DHS is all set to offer the best user experience in the UAE. Our team is trained, and they always stay updated with ever-changing algorithms and the latest web design and development trends in the UAE. So, you will be in safe hands when designing the website.

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