How to Build an Email Marketing Contact List


Effective email marketing starts with a solid foundation of an email list. An interactive email list can be proof of your business growth. You can analyze it and also always stay connected to your potential customers. However, if you have a low-quality email list, the only thing that will rise is the bounce rate and low ROI graphs. If you want your email contacts to engage and respond or take action, you must know all the ways and tactics to build the solid email marketing contact list

In this article below, we will discuss ways to build a good email list from scratch. Does this idea sound good to you? Let’s find out how to get started with your campaigns being an emerging email marketing company in UAE.

What Makes a Great Email List?

Before we discuss email marketing best practices, we must understand the factors that make an email marketing list great. How do you know the list will help you reap the desired results? If your list is not correctly segmented and targeted, it makes no sense to create complex email campaigns with sophisticated design, interesting language, and special offers.

To establish an excellent email list that generates sales, the three priorities of any good email marketing company in Dubai are:

  1. Quality. Be real as you are interacting with real humans, and never buy email lists. 
  2. Relevance. When creating an email list, only target people who are truly interested in the products or services you offer. Otherwise, leads will unsubscribe as fast as they register.
  3. Quantity. Once you’ve accomplished the first two objectives, you can concentrate on building your email list and broadening your reach to include new or larger audiences.


What are Some Ways to Build a Strong Email Contact List? 

You might have been so focused on crafting the perfect email marketing campaign strategy that you forgot to check if you’re targeting the right audience. Let’s ensure your efforts reach the intended recipients for maximum impact.

We cannot go into the deeper details, but here are some of the best email marketing tips for building a contact list:

  • Approach from different locations to sign up for your emails

One of the most effective strategies to build an email list from scratch is to provide clients with various calls to action (CTAs) to sign up for your campaigns. Although it makes sense to place an opportunity in an obvious spot, you should also go ahead and add more CTAs in case a consumer chooses to visit your website via a different route. 

These also serve as a reminder to web visitors who missed the initial CTA. However, do not overuse it. Limit your CTAs to two to five prominent locations, such as the homepage, sidebar of a blog post, About Us page, Contact Page, and a pop-up.

  • Create A High-Converting Landing Page

When creating an email list from scratch, it’s a good idea to use more than just your homepage. In this situation, create one or more landing pages that link directly to your LinkedIn ads, Facebook ads, and so on.

It is far preferable to route users to a specialized landing page rather than sending them to your homepage and risking them getting lost.

To attract the user’s attention and bring him to the required action, online firms must provide a smooth experience. Users must have a “frictionless” and meaningful transition from the advertisement to the given content.

  • Use a Surprise Popup Form

Despite its significance, the opt-in form is still somewhat passive. Ideally, you’d need an app or tool that increases the visibility of your email registration forms.

In addition, you can’t tell if they’re already interested in your brand. Instead, you should use a popup form.

Pop-up shapes are dynamic by nature. You may schedule them to appear at specific times or during specific events, and they are an excellent way to offer lead magnets for lead generation. 

  • Promote Your Content through the Ad that Requires Email Access

Promote email-based information in your Facebook ads. This content can take the form of a gated ebook, participation in a giveaway or contest, or even stating that email subscribers receive early access to new products.

Make sure you include social sharing buttons on your landing and thank-you pages to encourage leads to share with their networks. 

  • Provide Incentives to Sign Up

A small reward can be quite beneficial for your promotions. Moreover, most people will not provide their email addresses to anyone, so you must clearly express what they will receive if they give you their email. 

In other words, readers want to be confident that joining your email list will provide them with value.

  • Create High-Value Lead Magnets

A lead magnet is a beneficial incentive or offer marketers deliver to website visitors in exchange for their email addresses. It is a great marketing asset because it can generate leads.

Your lead magnet must have life-changing value for the prospect—ideally, something they can use immediately, easily, and benefit from right away. 

  • Partner Up with Other Brands

Collaborating with other businesses is one of the other effective strategies to increase your membership rate, especially if you’re starting from scratch.

Identify companies with a comparable target market that are (hopefully) not close competitors.

Once you’ve discovered a possible brand partner, you’ll need to decide how you’ll interact. The simplest solution is to promote each other’s newsletters to your respective audiences. 

However, a more effective approach may be to do a shared campaign, such as a video, booklet, or webinar. 

  • Run Seasonal Campaigns 

Seasonal campaigns are excellent email marketing strategies to expand your email list while keeping your signup forms fresh.

To promote a seasonal sale or offer, consider offering something other than the standard 10% discount for new consumers. This will make it clear that your discount is only valid for a limited period, creating a sense of urgency. 

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Bottom Line

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