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    • September 07, 2023
Case Study


Formera– Mobile application built for data collection.

About Formera

Various institutes use this application as a data collection tool (related to Formera main web application) for business development, humanitarian data collection, statistical studies, and research sectors. Formera’s web application lets you design and distribute forms to collaborators and submitters. While submitters utilize the mobile app to collect and submit data, collaborators will manage the received contributions, approve/reject them, add comments, amend them, and analyze them. Formera forms are one-of-a-kind, simple, meaningful, and easy to create. It can be used to make multi-step related lists, conditional fields, and lookups, among other things.


The Problem

The major problem faced by most offices or students is to select data and then sync it all together. It is just raw and even useless at times if you do it manually. Now, if you want to collect a huge amount of data, you need a bigger audience.

Most people won’t even open the link you shared with them to fill out the survey or form. Even the participants face difficulty syncing the data from different forms they just ran through other students or employees.
To overcome the problem and ease the process of form-making and survey running, Formera decided to make a mobile application. They found DHS to be the trusted mobile application services.

The Solution

Formera was designed and developed considering the problem of raw and useless data.

DHS presented a solution by giving the Formera a new shape through the mobile application. Formera provides an impressive data analysis engine, giving the users the flexibility to build dynamic reports, aggregate them, filter their results, and extract decision-support charts.

Now, the users can: Formera mobile app helps you:

  • Fill out forms in offline and online modes.
  • Store data locally for further review and amendments.
  • Sync all data at one time or sync submissions one by one.
  • Choose any app language (English or Arabic).
  • Auto-refresh when connected to the internet.
  • Manage, discuss, and review data.

Technology We Used

We Used Laravel And Android To Establish
And Deliver The Mobile Application To Its
Concerned Audience.

How did we do it?

We had to analyze former similar applications, collect the information, and analyze what they lacked. We also discussed it with the major entities to ensure we cover every possible feature. Once we had all the requirements and the company approved the features, we used our best expertise to provide the Formera Mobile application.

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