Case Study

We Love Art

Expression is a significant part of life. If we talk about individuals, they all have their unique way of expressing their core heart feelings. Some choose to write, some choose to paint, and some choose totally different ways.

About We Love Art

To instill a passion for expression, it is necessary for any individual to know their way of expressing themselves. Surrounded by the colors and friends, we can only imagine what these passionate minds can think and create.

We Love Art knows it very well, and therefore, they help people bring out their best expressions through art and painting. They organize events, offer painting courses, arrange exhibitions and provide tutorials or courses to nourish them with the best art practices in the world.

The Challenges

The major challenge was to relaunch the brand as a platform where they would have more liberty in controlling their offers about the events. We Love Art was competing with their own limitations and therefore looking for ways to break the barriers and present their brand as a new opportunity for art lovers.

We Love Art needed to express their way of believing in art and building a community of artistic minds.

Initially, they were using Squarespace and wanted to relaunch the brand. The goal here was to devise the latest solutions for relaunching the brand so they can attract a new audience while making their website more search engine friendly as well.

Our Approach

Our Approach was to help them develop a website where they have the capability to expand the products or services they are offering without any limitations.

They wanted to target Customers from all over the world and show them the prices based on the country they are visiting from. We helped them achieve this.

We did website development using WordPress/Woo-commerce. Now we are maintaining their website and fulfilling their digital marketing needs.

Technology We Used

Initially, we built the website using WordPress/Woocommerce. After that, we are now using digital platforms to their full capacity for running Google Ads, Amazon Marketing, and social media marketing.

How did we do it?

We gathered all the requirements for their website’s working and functionality and social media details. Analyzed the market and proposed a plan. Once we had it approved by the We Love Art team, we acted on the strategies and worked on them. Improving with the changes in trends and making their brand successful in every possible way.
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