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Private Charter

Private Charter- Modern and Personalized Charter Experience

About Private Charter

Optimize your journey through the air charter packages by the Private Charter. Private charter is a company offering luxury jet services to businesses, sports teams, and individuals who like to plan their dream journeys. They offer flying services conveniently to the United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Italy, and various other countries. They have top 100+ private aviation partners and an incredible list of operators and aircraft.


As they are working as an affiliated agent for an aviation company in the UK, they didn’t have an audience of their own. People are completely unaware of their services as they lack a digital presence. This came as a challenge because the company needed to attract the leads.

The Solution

We then offered a cost-effective website solution. The purpose of the website is to spread the word. To help people search and find their services. The website can attract more leads from multiple businesses, even from the sports managers for the team transfers and the individuals. It became the showcase of their services and availability.

Overall, the solution we delivered to him has the full website design & development along with SEO, digital marketing and ran Google ads, too. Kargenic’s founder is happy with the Website development and design results, he also signed us up for SEO and digital marketing.

Currently, our professionals are working on the planning and strategy building for it.

Technology We Used

We used WordPress to develop the website. WordPress is an SEO-friendly platform. Therefore, it was the perfect choice for a company like a Private Charter looking to find its way to the audience.

How did we do it?

Aviation can be challenging in terms of business and terms of marketing and lead generation. We had to go through the complete market analysis to understand private aviation services and its work. Once we had all the analysis, it was easy to devise a cost-effective website solution for it. We offered the plan, and after approval, our developers delivered the website along with the content on time.
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