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Kargenic – Making car accessories and modification parts for any car brands and models accessible in UAE.

About Kargenic

Kargenic was founded in 2021. This automobile tuning store makes it easy for people to access car accessories and custom car modification parts in the middle east. The company aims to offer exclusive car accessories and modification parts online at affordable rates along with full-fledged customer satisfaction.

The Problem

The challenge is common as many companies have it today. The absence of digital presence. Establishing a business in UAE is comparatively easy. However, the digital presence is sometimes still challenging for many companies. The major reason is that they are often stuck with expensive service providers who charge full fees but deliver zero results.

Kargenic was also stuck with a similar situation and unable to reach out to the target audience. The company owner does have a sound understanding of the importance of an appealing digital presence. However, despite investing a lot in the developer, he couldn’t make it to the desired audience.

He realized it soon and contacted DHS to develop a required online presence for his business. It is when our consultants and website development experts suggested using the platform he is currently using (Woocommerce). So far he is enjoying the rightful fruits of his investment.

The Solution

Initially, we offered him the solution including a website and mobile application. The design was provided by analyzing the market and then development services were offered as per the decided budget, time, and functionality.

Overall, the solution we delivered to him has the full website design & development along with SEO, digital marketing and ran Google ads, too.

Kargenic’s founder is happy with the Website development and design results, he also signed us up for SEO and digital marketing. Currently, our professionals are working on the planning and strategy building for it.

Technology We Used

We developed highly professional websites and applications using technology and most trendy frameworks like WordPress and PHP. It helped us offer Kargenic the features it deserves along with the security protocols and fully functional web design.

How did we do it?

Initially, we gathered all the requirements including features, budget, and timeline. Further, we kept him in the loop throughout the process to ensure smooth working on the project once and for all. On-time updates and regular communication made us provide the desired outcome for Kargenic on time mainly by using WordPress and PHP.
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