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Impact Consulting

Businesses can get assistance from Qatar-based Impact Consulting with their digital transformation and company operations. You need a fresh company plan to adapt to the changing world.

About Impact Consulting

Impact Consulting thus gives you fresh approaches to building sustainable operating models and putting
our agreements into practice, all to the advantage of your clients, staff members, and shareholders.

They work together with the management to ensure the direction of the business is properly monitored
and they have a sustainable process going on with you.

The Problem

Impact consulting was having an issue with its website’s technicalities and graphic appeal. Although they already had a website, when we got the audit report, there were some huge issues with the structure of the website; graphics and custom changes were also needed. This was when we suggested some of the options to the company, and com[lied to us to help them improve their website through redevelopment.

The Solution

The solution was based on graphical changes along with the custom website functions. Before we started developing, our business analysts had a complete report on the errors the website was lacking and what are the possible solutions. One approved solution was WordPress/Woocommerce, which is the most appropriate and accurate.

Technology We Used

We used WordPress/Woocommerce with no payment method involved. The website didn’t need any payment methods as it is simply a service provider. Therefore, the simple solution was enough.

How did we do it?

We had to prepare the report through the website audit process. Further, our team created planned brainstorming sessions to work on how graphs can get revamped and look more appealing, professional, and guided for the customers.

Along with the graphics, we worked on some custom changes to improve the overall features and performance of the website as well. Once the impact consulting management had the final result, they were happy to see a redevelopment of their web and requested further collaboration with us for the SEO of their website.
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