Beginner’s Guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – 2024

Beginner's-Guide-to-SEO-(Search-Engine-Optimization)- 2024

Marketers starting new in digital marketing often fear the big elephant in the room, Search Engine Optimization, “SEO.” Regardless of the fear, they understand that SEO is one of the most significant aspects of marketing in digital times. However, it is also a complex process with many smaller parts. 

The bottom line is you cannot skip it. Before you get to the SEO agency for services, know the basics of it. It is one of the cost-effective and steady ways to get through the marketing channels without spending a hefty amount on marketing. 

In this article, we will talk about the ways search engine optimization services can change the way you market your business and how you can apply the best practices to get results. 

Let’s Begin!

Why SEO is important?

Every day, people search online whenever they need something. As more than 60% of people access the internet, there are 53% of b2b and b2c traffic generated from organic searches. These numbers show that SEO is important as more than half of your website traffic will come from search engines like Google. So, you need to optimize your website to get organic traffic.  

How Search Engine Works?

Search engine working can be divided into the major 3 steps, or you can the processes. 


To look into the information of the World Wide Web, search engines use web crawlers (also known as spiders). Crawlers then return this content to search engines, where it is indexed.


The indexing stage is similar to a librarian evaluating, sorting, and shelving various books in the library. The search engine’s algorithm catalogs the content, which it subsequently uses to return results to searchers.


In SEO basics, ranking is the major aspect of how search engines work.

When someone opens Google or Bing and searches for something, the search engines use their algorithms to provide tailored results based on the user’s needs and preferences, such as location, prior queries, and so on.


Key Aspects of SEO

Any SEO agency will break down SEO for you into 3 main aspects: 

  • Technical Stuff:

The technical stuff is mostly about on-page SEO. It is about web UX/UI, content structure, etc., to build a solid foundation for the business online. 

  • Great Content:

The content is the information you display on your website. Remember that low-quality content will never lead you to the results. 

  • Quality Backlinks:

The final ingredient of SEO is backlinks. They improve your website’s authority. You can have wonderful content and a flawlessly optimized website, but eventually, you must build authority by obtaining quality backlinks with the help of off-page SEO.

Steps of the SEO Process

To begin with SEO, you need to understand its phases and steps. Your best SEO company in Dubai will Get started with the following to gain the results you want:

Step 1: Keyword Research & Keyword Targeting Best Practices

The foremost step towards SEO is to look for the purpose of optimization. What your customer is expecting from you? Now, you need to know the phrases (keywords) and words people search for to learn about your products or services. These are the words you want to rank your website for. 

Does that sound simple? Well, it’s not that simple. To get the result, you must understand your prospective customers’ needs and attitudes. 

Key Elements: 

  • Search Volume
  • Relevance
  • Competition 

Step 2: On-Page Optimization

Once you’ve compiled your keyword list, the next step is to place your chosen keywords in your website’s content. Each page on your site should focus on a core term and a “basket” of relevant terms.

Key Elements: 

  • Title tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Body Content
  • URL structure

Step 3: Information Architecture & Internal Linking

The structure of your website’s pages is referred to as its information architecture. The way you organize your website and link to its pages might influence how various materials on your site rank in search results.

This is because search engines view links as “votes of confidence” and a means of determining what a website is about and how important it is.

Search engines analyze the text used to link to pages, referred to as anchor text. Using descriptive text in your links aids Google in comprehending the content of the linked page.

Step 4: Content Marketing & Link Building

You must know that Google depends heavily on the links. So, having a lot of high-quality links pointing to your website is essential to increasing search traffic. No matter how hard you work on on-page and technical SEO, without links to your website, you won’t appear in search results listings.

Several strategies exist to get links to your website, but many of them have become quite risky as Google and other search engines become more advanced (even though they might still be effective in the short term). These riskier and more aggressive methods of attempting to obtain links are probably not a suitable fit for your organization if you are new to SEO. However, you can always reach out to experienced providers of SEO services in Dubai to help you with it.

Step 5: Common Technical SEO Issues & Best Practices

What many would consider to be more “traditional SEO” is still very useful in driving traffic from search engines, even though the fundamentals of SEO, such as the best ways to build links to drive search engine rankings, have changed recently (and content marketing has become increasingly important). 

Keyword research is still important, as we’ve already covered, and many technical SEO problems prevent Google and other search engines from recognizing and ranking websites’ content.

Even smaller to mid-sized organizations can benefit from being aware of some typical faults and challenges that most sites experience, but technical SEO for larger, more complex sites is actually its field.

Key elements:

  • Page Speed
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Header Response
  • Redirects
  • Duplicate Content


Measuring SEO Success

Analyzing your SEO tactics is essential for understanding what works and does not.

Moreover, you can use Google Analytics and SEMrush to monitor and track metrics such as organic traffic, bounce rate, and conversion rate.

To consistently improve your website’s performance, regularly assess your SEO strategy and make improvements based on analytical data.

Moreover, if you want to evaluate whether SEO works more, or PPC is more effective, you may discover it here.

Bottom Line 

Now, if you understand the basics, it is time to dive deep. With the help and assistance of an SEO agency in UAE, you can find the desired results. 

With experts in search engine optimization Dubai at DHS, you will rest assured you can stay connected while the company runs SEO campaigns on your behalf. Get in touch for more information at any time. 

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